This took me quite a long time since i don’t have a lot of experience with still life potraits, but i’m quite happy with this.


The links i will post here are all the official instrumentals for TVXQ’s songs found in their official albums and singles. This post is still under construction because i am still in the process of uploading the files, so the song names will be in a random order until i finally get to upload all of them.

If any of these are of low quality or the links are not working please comment below~




2. One More Thing (Sakura Version)

3. 忘れないで (Don’t Forget)

4. Whatever They Say

5. Tea For Two

6.Kiss The Baby Sky

7. ウィーアー!(We Are!)

8. I Wish…

9. Bolero

10. Share The World

11. Tri-Angle

12. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう (Why Have I Fallen In Love With You?)

13. Winter Rose

JENESYS Day 1, 17th June 2011

I woke up at around 3, I was really anxious so I only slept for a couple of hours. After waking up I took a shower, and went inside the car.


Me, I’m not that sort of person who panics or thinks of things too much, so my mood was pretty much average. I was really looking forward to having a great time but afraid that things might go wrong.


So erm, yeah, I went through all the procedures, and my dad taught me how things work in the airport. The last time I went was a really long time ago, 3-4 years ago, and I didn’t really pay much attention so it was my first time interacting with the officials.


After praying, we went into the transit room and met my dad’s relatives (this thing happens a lot, I don’t actually know the people yet they seem to recognize me and say hello) and went on the plane. Zooommm I don’t like planes. They make me so dizzy. I can stand buses, and taxis, or bajaj or whatever I but I cannot stand planes at all. When I arrived in Jakarta I was like “YEAH I’M BREATHING THE SAME AIR AS JYPNATION!”


It’s because in two days JYPNation was going to have a concert in Jakarta. Haw haw. I wasn’t expecting too much though, Jakarta is a large city.


Jakarta is… peculiar. I find it very disturbing to find luxurious buildings standing next to poor settlements. The roads are filled with cars and buses and motorbikes. It was much worse than Banjarmasin. I’ve been to Jakarta a couple of times but I never got the chance to actually take in my surroundings.


The bus was okay, I listened to my B2ST playlist and got through all their songs before finally arriving at my destination. The traffic jam was abnormal! I guess all big cities are like that.


I didn’t want to eat but I didn’t want to get sick either so I followed my dad to eat Bakso – which is a meal with noodles, meatballs and soup – to find that the price is three times the average price in Banjarmasin! It was a huge shock. I mean, I can go to KFC and get a full meal with that much money. Honestly.


The hotel was a 5 minute walk and it was a nightmare carrying the suitcase up and down the overhead bridges.


When I arrived at the hotel though… I was stupefied. I’ve never, ever been to a luxurious hotel before. I’ve been to a lot of motels all over England (Travelodge, LOL) but nothing like this.


They had really professional staff and if I could remember correctly it was a four star hotel. I took some pictures of the interior with my phone but I lost them. It had a breakfast lounge, with a bar and super comfortable leather recliners. HEAVEN. We had to wait until 10 o’clock to enter the room though.


10 o’clock and I entered the hotel room. I was really amazed at the bathroom, a toilet, sink, bath, complete with a hairdryer. And the bedroom was cool too, with a combined heater and Aircon, and cable TV!!! I can finally watch MTV Asia – the cable TV back at home didn’t have MTV Asia anymore.


The first day, I went to the Blok M mall and my dad bought me a new digital camera 😀 If I brought my DSLR camera it would be too much fuss so a digital camera is perfect. I was really happy because I can take selcas freely!




My first picture with the new camera! This is the view from the hotel room. The whole street is full of Japanese restaurants, clubs and bars and by night there are a lot of Japanese people.


So that concludes the quite uneventful first day! Read further for the rest of the story.



Random Post Of Today

Today’s favourite song:

T-ara’s Cry Cry – Ballad Version. I am totally hooked to this song, i can’t stop playing this. I like T-ara but i think their management shows of certain members more. I know lots of groups are like that but can’t they give the others a chance at something like a variety show or something? Or give them more close up time?

Anyway check out their awesome vid here:


Today’s favourite photo:

The words “A2″=== my class is called 11 IPA 2 made of the class’ Blackberry phones. すごいですね!But i’m not a fan of Blackberry phones, they’re a nightmare for us broke people.


Aaaand… a selca. Or series of selcas, to be precise. I took these for my ICT project. We had to edit our faces in Photoshop but bleh i didn’t do anything to my face other than remove that horrid cystic acne on my nose.

Pute’s Birthday

WARNING, picture heavy!

On the 25th (was that 2 days or three days ago? I can’t remember today’s date…) Pute invited me to her 15th bithday party. She invited around 50 people, including me, but what can she do, i sit next to her in class so she can’t leave me out can she 😀

I arrived at around 6:45, being the extremely punctual person I am *cough cough* only to find out that i was the first person that arrived! Great. It was around half an hour before Pute came with her brother, and somehow the others knew where she had been – the salon!

We went inside and I sat at the main table next to Aser and Rifda. And after a few minutes, Kiky, Wiwin, and others came through the entrance carrying a huge cake and loads of presents.

The cake… mm.. it was a shame that i got a slice only after i ate rice… so… i couldn’t eat a lot. What a shame.

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Design for Genki Kurabu

So finally all my design work for the Momiji Matsuri festival has finished after all the edits and faults! Remember if you’re in Banjarmasin on the 12th of February to come to SMA Negeri 1 Banjarmasin and participate. For all the details, read the posters below. Can’t wait to see all my work printed onto paper and made into banners! Will update more when it’s already finished.

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